Original Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad 11E 20E6 20E8 Motherboard Mainboard WIN,M-5Y10c,UMA,TPM,4GB 00HT932 New Cable For Yoga 30Pin With Touch PN: DDLI5ALC120 00HT938 Screen LVDS Connector New/Orig FOR thinkpad 11E, base bottom case cover 00HW171 37LI5BAL500 Replace Cover PAILIANG motherboard LENOVO Thinkpad YOGA DA0LI5MB6I0 Core SR1YV Celeron N2940 TESTED DDR3 KoCoQin SR29F N3150 DALI8GMB6D0 14283-3 14283-2 14283-1 P40 460 i7 CPU 2GB-GPU 01AW419 100% Tested S1 I7-4500U 8G 04X5239 00HT135 04X5240 00HT133 ZIPS1 LA-A341P NOKOTION E570 E570C laptop 01EP403 01YR733 01HW730 CE570 NM-A831 SR341 I7-7500U DDR4 GTX950M GPU Para T440S i7-4600 UMA FRU:04X3969 04X3963 04X3968 04X3962 04X3964 04X3965 04X3970 with i7-4600U VILT0 NM-A052 NM-A581 mainboard for T460 01AW344 BT462 I7-6500U DDR3L test work 17870-1 P1 Gen 1 2018 20MD 20ME 448.0DY04.0011 01YU925 01YU926 01YU935 01YU936 i7-8850 P1000 I7-4600U NM-A502 SR1EA 4GB RAM tesed T470P DT473 NM-B071 7700HQ/7820HQ 940MX 2GB 01YR889 01YR887 01HW927 Akemy VIUX1 NM-A091 X240 Notebook I7 4600U FRU 04X5150 04X5154 04X5162 04X5174 High quality Edge E450 E450C AIVE1 NM-A211 I7-5500U R5-M240 Fully tested T480 ET480 NM-B501 W/ i7-8550U MX150 01YR334 01YR335 01YR367 01AV866 01YR841 T460P I7-6820HQ GT940M BT463 NM-A611 N16S-GTR-S-A2 48.4RQ01.021 X1C Carbon X1 04X0495 3667U 8GRAM Test AIZS1 LA-C581P Main board lenovo yoga 260 12.5 Inch SR2EZ 7500U 2G S3 14 13323-2 448.01110.0021 5500 Work 6820HQ 01YR836 01YR838 01YR843 P51 i7-7700HQ M1200 01AV369 01AV360 01AV359 L460 Radeon R5 01YR807 01YR810 BL460 NM-A651 ThinkBook 15 15-IML 15.6 inch DA0LVAMB8E1 DA0LVAMB8E0 I7-10510U 620 T440 VIVL0 NM-A102 Intel 04X4024 04X4025 04X4039 04X404 T470S SR2F1 I7-6600U NM-B081 01ER314 16GB Ram DX120 NM-B141 01LV981 i7-6600U X250 5600U 00HT376 00HT383 00HT372 00HT387 AKemy carbon i7-5600/i7-5500 00HT361 01AX809 14282-2M 448.04P16.002M NM-A351 L450 00HT696 yourui FRU:04X6417 8GB Mermory ok X230t w/ i7-3520M 2,9GHz 04Y2040 PANANNY TOSHIBA Portege Z830 i7-2677m 1.8GHz BP700 NM-A441 01AV304 P70 17 SR2FQ i7-6700HQ SHELI 00HN769 LMQ-1 12298-2 48.4LY06.021 S41-70 I7-5500UCPU 5B20J20973 14271-1M i7-4510U/4600U 04X5166 04X5178 2nd T470 i7-7600U Independent graphics card 01HX676 01HX606 01HX672 01AX975 01HX677 01HX607 1st 4th 6600/6500U 8G-RAM RMA 16G Fan 01AX813 i7-7500U Graphics Card 01LV679 01AX967 01HX644 01LV680 01HX645 01AX968 01LV913 01LV917 01LV916 04X4795 para i7-3667U 48.4RQ21.021 11246-2 LGS-1 perfecto trabajo T560 P50s N15M-Q3-S-A2 01AY340 KEFU VIUS6 LA-A171P S5-S540 original AMD HD8670M FFor E590 E490 NM-B911 i7-8565U RX550 testing 02DL815 5B20V81854 17800-1 448.0CX04.0011 01YN205 8550U T550 W550S 00UR106 00JT407 00UR104 00UR102 00JT387 P50 01AY362 00UR728 01AY372 01AY374 01AY375 E560 i7-6500U NM-A561 01AW113 216-0868000 01HW836 01HW835 6600U 8550U/8650U 01YR332 01YU855 US Keyboard Backlit and Pointer X280 A285 X390 X395 L13 S2 5th Viny Stickers L13/L14/L15/L380 Protective Skins L390/L390 NoteBook Decals Capa.